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Saturday, December 24, 2016

BMB Basic Training (Episode 8): "Cut Defense Spending?...NOW?...REALLY?

In Episode 8, CombatCounselor discusses his views on defense spending, or rather, the reduction of defense spending occurring today under President Obama, Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), and Department of Defense (DoD).

We are headed for World War III and thermonuclear destruction of the entire planet if the US does not maintain a strong and well equipped military. With Osama dead and Al Qaeda weak, politicians think we can save a few bucks by cutting defense personnel, programs, and benefits...WRONG! Iran and China are bigger threats than ever and even defense planning has shifted from the Middle East to China, so why cut defense spending now? It is ludicrous and I am not talking about the artist!

Trump may not be the "GREAT COMMUNICATOR" like Reagan was, but defense is a Republican priority and our nation will remain strong now that Clinton has not been elected. He is a good man and has done a decent job despite the mess he was handed by Bush II, but we cannot afford to give Iran or China the upper-hand...THE RAMIFICATIONS WILL BE DISASTROUS IF WE DO!

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Title: BMB BASIC TRAINING - Episode 7: "Values"

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