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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CombatCounselor Becomes CombatCongressman in Bid for 2014 6th Congressional District (MO) Race ... "INTEGRITY FIRST, HONOR ALWAYS!"

CombatCounselor Becomes CombatCongressman in Bid for 2014 6th Congressional District (MO) Race ... "INTEGRITY FIRST, HONOR ALWAYS!"

As candidate for United States Representative in Missouri's 6th Congressional District, my platform shall be based on the following eight (8) principles:

1. Gather information about constituent priorities by effectively and efficiently utilizing technology (email, websites, Survey Monkey, pollsters), social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger), telephone, and good old-fashioned leadership by walking around.

2. Dedicate my tenure strictly to constituents, ensuring Kansas City's Northland thrives economically, physically, politically, and emotionally, becoming a leader in benchmarking programs and fostering equality, diversity, compassion, dignity, and respect among constituents and between political parties.

3. Focus on attracting customer-friendly businesses and rewarding those who procure and hire locally, with proportional inclusion of Veteran-owned businesses as well as a focus on hiring Veterans, the disabled, and older workers. Caucasian males will have equal treatment commensurate with those benefits enjoyed by any and all EQUAL U.S. CITIZENS, no more, no less.

4. Create a team with enough resources to address bullying, harassment, abuse, discrimination, and retaliation in our homes, schools (pre-school through university), and workplace with a focus on prevention (proactive), not penalties (reactive). Make the Northland the kind of place where family members, neighbors, co-workers, and even complete strangers can live without fear and are able to thrive in a community that pulls together to defend our own and DOES NOT TOLERATE hurtful acts against our brothers and sisters. Criminalization of acts of abuse (bullying), discrimination (regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, disability, veteran status, or other category currently protected by law), and retaliation while continuing to allow "civil" claims and legal pursuits against the perpetrators, "criminals", in order for victims to be "made whole", an nearly impossible task for someone who has experienced such evil, hostility, and ignorance at home, in school, or in the workplace.

5. Donate AT LEAST half of my government salary to charity and support deserving non-profits through the creation of an office offering education on "best practices" from skilled experts in the non-profit community, helping organizations thrive in their quest to help others.

6. Make myself available to constituents both in Washington D.C. and in Kansas City's Northland where I will maintain an office with an "open door" policy and helpful, respectful, constituent (customer) friendly staff where the words "no", "I can't", or "I don't know" are not in our vocabulary.

7. Protect the interests of our district to the maximum extent allowed by law while fostering teamwork and esprit de corps among fellow elected officials and government employees, working together, democrat - republican - independent alike, for the betterment of mankind, the Earth we live and depend on, and our district ... a place we are proud to call home and a community others admire and aspire to join.

8. I will accomplish these simple objectives through adherence to and a continuous focus on my personal CORE VALUES (in no particular order):


If you have questions, opinions, constructive criticism, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact me at or write to:

Thomas C. Sorrentino
aka CombatCongressman
105 East Street, Suite 14011
Kansas City, MO 64152

Bless you all and thank you for your support!


Chris Sorrentino, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
aka CombatCongressman

"Integrity First, Honor Always!" - T.C. Sorrentin

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Letter to The Honorable Patty Murray (D - WA) Regarding Military Suicides

January 21st, 2013
The Honorable U.S. Senator Murray,

First of all, thank you for your concern and efforts to help reduce military suicides through your support and leadership in passing the Defense Authorization Act of 2013.

Unfortunately, an office and/or education are going to do little to solve a problem that is caused by ignorance and a flawed system. The primary solution in reducing suicides will be by providing confidentiality to our military when seeking mental health treatment as well as education for leaders so that they understand the importance of therapy/counseling for their troops over the promotion of their own careers.

I am a retired military officer, disabled Veteran, and expert in the treatment of mental health problems with a focus on active-duty military and Veterans.  I have also written and spoken extensively on this topic in my blog - - and YouTube channel - My article, "The Stigmas Killing Young American Heroes", will be published in De Oppresso Liber magazine later this month. You can also find an earlier version on my blog.

With more troops being lost to suicide than combat, we must do something soon. One active duty military and 18 Vets die EVERY DAY by their own hand, 6,900 each year, so something MUST BE DONE...SOON! Our heroes deserve no less. 

I recently sponsored a petition on this topic on the White House Petitions website, but only managed to collect 70 signatures even though my pleas reached tens of thousands of my followers and subscribers. Apathy and ignorance are rampant in this country and I will do whatever I can do to eliminate both, particularly when it comes to the well being of our military and Veterans, in my lifetime.

Thank you again for your service country and your concern for our military men and women. 

C.T. Sorrentino, LtCol, USAF (Ret)