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Friday, March 21, 2014


According to an article in your March 24, 2014 issue, George W, Bush and Army General Chiarelli, well respected  psychologists and scientists?, believe and profess that removing the word "disorder" from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is going to single-handedly end the military and veteran mental health and PTSD stigmas. Sorry boys, don't be ignorant ... ain't gonna happen!

President Bush's endorsement of this half-baked idea is as sound as my abilities in brain surgery and General Chiarelli's influence and support would be better utilized by focusing on the real causes of the stigmas, lack of confidentiality in military mental health, the macho bravado and ignorance endemic in the military, and the inaccurate portrayal of veterans and military members in the media.

PTS Without "Disorder" WILL NOT END THESE STIGMAS gentlemen. Use your clout to attack their real causes before more American heroes decide suicide is a better alternative than seeking treatment, risking security clearance and career, or being called a wimp. 

As a licensed professional counselor with 23+ years of experience treating military and veterans with anxiety (including PTSD) and depression, a retired military officer, and disabled veteran, I have written and advocated extensively on this topic. Specifically, my article THE STIGMAS KILLING AMERICAN HEROES. and two White House Petitions asking President Obama to address the stigmas, which garnered a whopping 70 signatures each out of the tens of thousands who heard my pleas, outlined clear, tangible courses of action. I have also written to Air Force Times on numerous occasions regarding this exact topic, but was ignored. But who can blame you when you have such authoritative experts in psychology and military/veteran mental health as President Bush and General Chiarelli?

C.T. Sorrentino, LtCol, USAF (Ret)
aka CombatCounselor
Lawrence, KS

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