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Monday, January 9, 2012


If you haven't tried mindfulness meditation, you ARE literally OUT OF YOUR MIND! I don't mean you ARE crazy or somehow will never get it back. What I mean is that when you practice mindfulness, your mind and the present moment ARE 100% CONNECTED, so it is impossible to be anywhere else.

When you are in what Echart Tolle calls "being" mode or "consciousness", you, your mind, and experience in the present moment are one in the same. You ARE not rumimating about the past or worrying about the future, what Tolle calls "doing" mode or "unconsciousness". And when you are BEING, you ARE able to experience things as they are without judgment, in a totally willing and accepting way. Nothing is good or bad, it just "IS" and you move onto the next moment prepared to accept whatever may come your way.

That is what mindful meditation is about. So when I say "YOU ARE OUT  OF YOUR MIND", I mean that to experience truth is to experience the present moment just as it is...then do it again...and again.

Obviously, nobody can or should spend 100% of their time being mindful in the present moment. But if you can practice and learn the skill, you will be able to call on the ability when you need it, making life much more interesting and joyful.

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