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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introduction to Body-Mind-Behavior Therapy (BMBT)

Many of us have suffer from anxiety or depression, yet are still looking for a solution. Whatever you have been doing must not be working or you would not still be looking for answers.
Maybe you have been looking in the wrong places! Maybe you have been focusing on changing the "content" of your life (words, thoughts, emotions) instead of the "context", the part you actually have control over when it comes to internal problems (e.g. cognition...your thoughts).

My upcoming book, "You Think, You Are...Anxious: A Journey from Avoidance to Acceptance", explains my proprietary approach to psychotherapy, integrating traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness-based CBT, called Body-Mind-Behavior Therapy (BMBT)

In BMBT, we focus first on what your BODY is telling us in terms of proper exercise, diet, and sleep as well as those internal sensations that "set-off" your anxiety or depression. Next, we focus on the MIND, teaching you how to be mindful in the present moment, accepting thoughts and emotions, and changing the "context" of how you relate to your thoughts rather than changing the thoughts themselves. Finally, BEHAVIOR becomes the target by clarifying your values, setting achievable goals, and making a commitment to taking action toward achieving those goals.

The result of BMBT is not another "quick fix", but a new way of life where you are mindful of the moment and ACT based on your values, rather than avoiding the things that you fear or make you sad.

Visit my YouTube channel and  send me a message, telling me about your problem, what you have tried to do to fix it, and what result you would like to achieve:

You may be one of the lucky viewers who has their issue addressed personally by CombatCounselor.

Good luck!

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